Are you an investor?

Or an investor-wannabe who is afraid of losing your hard-earned money? Do you love how cryptocurrencies work, transferring money over the Internet in seconds at a very minimal cost?

Not just a regular digital coin

SharesHub coin has everything that cryptocurrency has, block explorers, mobile, desktop and online wallets, exchanges, faucets etc. But what sets it apart from other cryptocurrencies out there? Here at SharesHub, we let you sell the coins back to us... even at a profit.

This allows you to not only rely on public exchanges for you to sell your coins. And if you don't know how to sell at a profit, just sell it back to us. It's that EASY.

How to profit

Don't you want to have a stable income that's easy to withdraw.


SharesHub can be multiplied via Staking at 1% per month by just keeping your coins in your wallet. And YES, you can sell those back to us as well.

Buy-back program

Most of all, our buying rate increases by around 1% per month. Just simply hold, multiply then sell. Simple.


Since SharesHub will also be tradable in 3rd party exchanges, you have another way of earning. But this is not for everyone. Buy Low-Sell High is not always as easy as it looks.

Want to join Shareshub?

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