If you’ve read the 2 previous articles explaining what SharesHub is all about, you may assume that it is an investment program and a cryptocurrency in one…. and you’re correct.

If you’ve been burned before by countless online investment program providing you with unrealistic returns in short periods of time, that’s because such programs were created to eventually fail due to very high returns. In real world investments like Mutual Funds, Stock Trading, etc 15-20% annual returns are quite hard to come by and it is still not guaranteed.

Other investment programs don’t have publicly accessible records or a ledger making all transactions transparent.  In many cases, transferring your assets or shares is troublesome and is very limited. With SharesHub, your shares (coin) can be easily transferred in seconds to anyone while maintaining anonymity, all records are publicly available via the blockchain and is quite flexible since it can be used in numerous ways and numerous systems.

Want to sell your shares to your friends? With SharesHub, you can just by sending the coin itself to their wallet. Other investment programs hardly allow such.

Want other parties to see if you actually made a transfer or received a payout? Well you can do a screenshot, which we all know can be edited. Here at SharesHub, it is publicly accessible you just have to provide them the link of your transaction ID and that validates it (cannot be edited).

SharesHub can also be used in numerous ways. Want your asset to be used as a mode of payment online? Want it to be used as a payout system in some online programs bridging banking system across the world? The buy-back program only opens SharesHub to more possibilities and since it has a guaranteed return, it is perfect for systems where you want the other party to earn at a fixed rate. Online Programs that require payout to their members can take advantage of SharesHub system. Yes, they can payout in BTC which is the largest cryptocurrency out there but SharesHub lets them earn more by storing it and waiting for the following month for the price to increase.  These are the 2 things that you can’t guarantee with Bitcoin. You can’t earn Bitcoin by just storing it in your Bitcoin wallet and though the price may increase the next month, that is not a guarantee.

Why trust the system? And is this some kind of a Networking program?
SharesHub buy-back program is only a part of what you can do with it. SharesHub being a cryptocurrency to be listed in several public exchanges, simply means you can sell it at a certain price at your own will, and since there are only a few freebies to go around, this means every investors will be selling it higher than the price that they originally bought ( or else they’re selling at a loss.)

Hundreds of cryptocurrencies only use 3rd party exchanges so users can liquidate their coins. SharesHub is not a Networking program, you will have a referral link during the Initial Coin Offering stage but is not required to be used.

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