SharesHub needs a referral program for it to spread so during the ICO stage we will be giving a 1% referral program. If your referred user used your referral link when registering and joining the ICO, you will receive 1% of their SharesHub.

Also, during the ICO there are bonuses that are up for grabs.
ICO investors who invested during the 1st week (May 17th – 23rd) will receive an additional 1.5%.
ICO investors who invested during the 2nd week (May 24th – 30th) will receive an additional 1%.
ICO investors who invested during the 3rd week (May 31st – June 6th) will receive an additional 0.5%.

Also there will be freebies to be given to some users for translators and signature campaign participants.

Also, you can earn an additional 100 SHBs if your total SHBs bought and/or referred reached 10,000 SHBs. What are you waiting for, go use those referral links and spread them out. That’s a 0.01 BTC value in there, FREE.

The bonuses are kept at a minimum because too much freebies will cause the system to be at a deficit. Remember the buy-back program. All the collected money will be invested in several low but sure profit programs and we need to keep our assets in check so we can buy-back your SharesHub whenever you sell them back to us. More bonuses will mean less initial investment for us which may result in us being unable to match the guaranteed profit for SharesHub users.

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