Shareshub Whitepaper

A Regular Cryptocurrency
SharesHub is just like any other cryptocurrency out there except for the staking rate of 12% which was set for a good reason. It has 3.5 million coins at Scrypt POW/POS but POW phase is already complete so expect this coin to be in pure POS upon public release.

Why Another Cryptocurrency
SharesHub’s main difference is that we’re offering this as a low-profit but long term investment program. For years, people have been trying to earn online only to end up being scammed by over-promised high-yield investment programs. Yes, SharesHub is also offering an investment program but here, your asset or shares are in cryptocurrency, and just like any true cryptocurrency, you can make use or sell of your assets in numerous ways. ¬†SharesHub is a typical cryptocurrency at 12% inflation rate per annum which means you increase your SharesHub holdings in your Desktop wallets at 1% per month. In a regular cryptocurrency, users go to 3rd party exchanges where the coins are listed on to sell their coins. Here at SharesHub, you also get that plus we also offer a buy-back program where you can sell your coins back to us at its initial price. This means if you don’t want your SharesHub anymore, you have 2 options: first is the typical cryptocurrency method of selling in exchanges and second is via our website itself. AND, we set the buy-back price to be increasing at 1% per month. ICO price is 10,000 sats and the buy-back program will be starting at 10,000 sats which will start a month after the end of the ICO period. At every first week of the month an additional 1% will be placed on the buy-back price making the next price at 10,100 sats.

Not a scam or HYIP
Yes there are promise rates but those are very low compared to those who scam online. The rates are low because those are based on real-world investment earnings on long-term investment systems. How will the system be able to pay those who will be selling their coins back? Here at SharesHub, we don’t take people’s money then run away and be rich with it. ICO scheme on most coins is that they collect people’s money, they distribute the coin after 1 month then let everything be. Here at SharesHub, you can already receive your SharesHub coins even during the ICO provided that you install our Windows wallet then provide us your SHB address. Plus we use the collected money to invest them on stable investment platforms that are well diversified while balancing the liquidity of the assets, yet maintaining a stable profit per month. ¬†This would enable us to pay those who will be selling their SharesHub coins back to us. We’re also employing a 3rd party trusted group to be our Escrow to this project wherein the condition is that we must be able to distribute all the bought coins to the public, all BTC transactions will be posted, and the coin be listed on at least 2 exchanges to ensure that your assets can be liquidated anytime by a 3rd party.

Shareshub’s main goal is to provide a low but stable investment platform to its users. But it doesn’t mean we’ll stick to that. Aside from providing the systems that regular cryptocurrencies have like wallets (mobile, desktop and online), block explorer and exchanges. To provide liquidity, we will also be developing other systems like our in-house cryptocurrency exchange, lottery, games and many more.

We know that there’s a huge risk in joining investment programs as some of you have experienced already. One major problem with other online programs is that they cannot convert their investment/asset to cash when the time comes. Here at SharesHub, we’re offering 2 ways for you to be able to cash-out. Directly to us and the other is via 3rd party exchanges where you will always be able to sell your SharesHub at.

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