SharesHub ICO in Hiring an Escrow

Escrow services are being hired to assure the public that their ICO funds are kept in a trusted 3rd party group/individual until certain conditions are met.

We (SHARESHUB developers) are a group of Traders and Investors who joined countless of ICOs from the 3 big ICO collectors in ETH, Waves and Lisk, to the huge price swings of ZCash, the very promising Syscoin, the classics Monero and Ripple, and Pesobit due to its huge price swings back in the day when they topped Cryptopia market for weeks and many more. But don’t get us wrong, just like you we also fell into a few traps by altcoin ICOs that didn’t actually materialize well. In every coin that we hold, we decide if they’re for long term investment or short term trading particularly when there’s high volume involved and price difference (like what we’re having with Ripple as of this posting).

Pesobit back then was for short term trading but now as the price stabilizes, we decided to have it as a long term investment, so when I saw that they (PESOBIT) posted an Escrow service, we thought about giving it a try and after countless of messages both sides finally agreed to these terms.

Pesobit Escrow will provide:
– BTC Addresses to users posted on their system so participants would know that the BTC addresses assigned to them are from escrow
– Post in their systems about our ICO project

Shareshub will provide:
– 1.5% share of collected BTC of the ICO
– Another 1% of our collected BTC will be used to buy Pesobit from exchanges in a span of 2 weeks.

In order for the funds to be released, we need to provide the following:
– Coins must be distributed to the users (we send your shares right away after purchasing during the ICO)
– Desktop wallets
– Adding Shareshub to CCex for voting

We might not have the technical expertise of Pesobit’s Team or the other coins we are supporting but we’re a group of businessmen who know how to steer things right. Shareshub is a coin for business-minded individuals, to those who want low risks but stable profit.

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