Why should I join SharesHub ICO?

Before the ICO ends, we will be having Exchange voting listing, Block explorer and 3rd party Online Wallet inclusion.

During the ICO, you can already withdraw the Shareshub coins that you bought from ICO page at https://shareshub.biz and store them in your Windows Desktop wallet.

Withdrawing your Shareshub early allows you to get Staking rewards as early as the ICO stage. This means you can have more Shareshubs coins than what you originally bought, something that other ICOs weren’t able to provide you. Normally, coin investors wait til the ICO period to end before they start distributing your coins.

And most of all, we will allow you to sell your coins back to us at the same ICO price and a little more —-! It is like we borrowed your money then grow it for you.  How many ICOs have you joined where the price of the coin turned out to be way less than the price you bought it with? Here at Shareshub, you don’t have to worry about that because of the Buy-back option that will be placed in the website after the ICO period. This means no matter what the price will be in 3rd party exchanges, you will always have an option of selling your Shareshub at above the ICO price level.

Just a warning though, this is not like those HYIPs that are offering you huge profits for a short period of time. Those HYIPs requires you to recruit new investors so you can withdraw. Here at Shareshub, the referral bonus remains only a bonus – and is only a way to reward you with your efforts although un-necessarily.
We’re also not offering huge returns as we’re only guaranteeing small ones. Something that we can afford to provide or manage.
And, we are offering a little more reward for early ICO participants by giving them extra additional Shareshubs coins based on how early they joined in.

See this link for more details: https://shareshub.biz/posts/2017/04/04/shareshub-freebies-and-referral/

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